Wool Care 300 ml - Sonett



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With natural wool wax and
organic olive oil soap

  • For restoring the deficient protective hydrolipidic film to garments made from wool and silk
  • Returns the natural elasticity to woolen fabrics
  • Fragrance of essential lavender oil made from certified organic cultivation
  • 100% biodegradable


Origin and properties of the ingredients

Wool wax is obtained from freshly shorn sheep’s wool that underwent a special process to remove any pesticide and herbicide residues. In order to be well dispersed in the water and to adhere to the fibres, the wool wax must be emulsified into fine droplets using olive-oil soap and sugar surfactant. Sugar, coconut oil and palm oil are the raw materials used to manufacture sugar surfactant. Olive soap results from the chemical reaction between olive oil and lye (alkaline solution). Olive oil is the best oil raw material for making mild lipid-replenishing plant-based soap. Its well-balanced composition of fatty acids, its healing balancing effect on the cardiovascular system, and the remarkable growth of the olive tree in a 7-year cycle are evidence of the special proximity and relationship of this oil to humans. Cetyl alcohol–obtained from palm oil – and the plant-based thickening agent enhance the emulsifying effect of sugar surfactant and olive oil soap.