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Keep your baby fresh and clean with Bambo Nature's 100% Biodegradable super soft Baby Wipes!

Bambo Nature 100% Bio degradable Baby Wipes are a gentle cleaning solution in a wipe made from soft, non-woven materials.

We have put our wipes through extensive testing to ensure that they are suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

Each pack is labelled with the Nordic Swan Eco labelAsthma and Allergy label and. The wipes are dermatologically tested and contain no perfume or colour and is a good alternative to water and soap. The wipes are vegan and do not contain ingredients of animal origin, only natural and organic plant-derived ingredients. Our Baby Wipes are fragrance-free and and no parabens or perfume within the ingredients so you can be assured your baby’s skin will be taken care of. 100% Biodegradable

Units Per Pack: 50

100% Biodegradable 

Bambo Nature Baby Wipes






Our wipes are designed with a combination of soft materials to use on your

baby’s gentle skin, whilst having a strong wet-strength, when cleaning up those messy moments!


We have added glycerine to hold and retain moisture in the skin, to help maintain a barrier against potential skin problems.


We have formulated our baby wipes to contain ingredients that will gently and effectively cleanse the skin.

Free From

Your baby’s skin is gentle and may be vulnerable to certain ingredients. We

have formulated our wipes lotion to be free from known irritants including: fragrance, alcohol, chlorine, dyes and optical brighteners.

bambo nature baby wipes accreditation

The Nordic Swan Eco Label is the official Nordic eco-label, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Swan logo demonstrates that a product is a good environmental choice. Products featuring the logo fulfil certain criteria using methods such as samples from independent laboratories, certificates and control visits.

All consumption affects the environment. But some products have less of an effect than others. By choosing products carrying the Nordic Swan Eco Label, you are taking a step towards a better environment.


Bambo Nature Wipes are non-flushable.

Made with ❤️ in Denmark