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Bambo Nature

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Eco-Friendly Bio-Degradable Nappies

No Over Night Leaks!! Soft and Supple for Maximum Movement


  • Bambo is a Scandinavian made range of baby nappies combining minimal environmental impact with maximum freedom of movement for baby.
  • Approx. 80 % of the nappy is produced of raw paper. The remaining is inert 
  • Bambo holds the "Swan" logo - the Scandinavian official environmental label for eco-products, this means an environmentally assured and safe product for baby.
  • Whitened with a gentle oxygen bleaching process; no chlorine bleaching means optimum safety for your baby without compromising your concern for the environment.
  • Bambo has been developed in close partnership with parents
  • State-of-the-art, environmental raw materials are used to produce a slim, absorbent and comfortable nappy.
  • Suitable for vegans. Not tested on animals.

Bambo Nature Nappies have the following features:


  • Resealable tapes
  • Extra Elastication Along the Back
  • Breathable Back sheet
  • Wetness Indicator

Bambo Nature,5 (44 nappies), is a premium nappy for children from 26 to 49 lbs, 12 to 22 kg. Be kind to the environment and to your baby's delicate skin with the most disposable nappy on the market. Bambo Nature Nappies, were the first baby nappies in the world to carry the Nordic Swan eco label Bambo Nature nappies are soft and super thin, but with one of the most absorbent cores of any nappies on the market. These nappies lock away moisture and keep it away from your baby's skin, even when their nappy is completely full. Bambo Nature Nappies feature easy-to-adjust hook-and-loop fasteners, flexible side panels, for a snug fit and freedom to move around, and innovative, efficient leak barriers. Bambo also features a rare fully breathable backsheet, which ensures proper airflow, keeping your baby's skin dry and preventing irritation from dampness. What does the Nordic Swan label mean? Carrying this label means that Bambo Nature has undergone one of the toughest and most rigorous approval processes in all of Scandinavia. Every aspect of manufacturing is examined closely to ensure minimal environmental impact. It also means that these nappies do not contain any substances known to be harmful to health or the environment, no substances classified as locally irritating, sensitising, carcinogenic, or mutagenic. Plus, they are 100% hypoallergenic. While these nappies aren't completely biodegradable, you can compost the inner, absorbent core. Simply remove the core from the outer portion of the nappy and put it into any compost bin. Even though you're still disposing of the outer layer, you'll be taking up a lot less room in landfills.

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